Dr Andrew Rice

University Associate Professor at Department of Computer Science and Technology, University of Cambridge

University Associate Professor, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge

Dr Andrew Rice is a University Associate Professor in the Computer Laboratory at the University of Cambridge, working in the Digital Technology Group. His research focuses on Computing for the Future of the Planet. Computing for the Future of the Planet is a research framework which has been developed in the Computer Laboratory since 2006.

The intention is to identify and motivate computer science research questions. The framework is structured around four themes: 1) an optimal digital infrastructure; 2) sensing and optimising the world around us; 3) improving and understanding the dependability of computer models; and 4) seeking digital alternatives to physical activities. Dr Rice's research interests cover all four of these areas. Particular directions of interest at the moment are in collecting, storing and indexing sensor data and the contextual information required to explain it and understand it retrospectively---current examples are considering building energy consumption and transportation systems; and investigating smart-phone platforms measuring the energy consumption of particular programmer actions.