Dr Andy Jardine

Royal Society University Fellow at Department of Physics, University of Cambridge


Royal Society University Fellow, Department of Physics, University of Cambridge

Dr Andy Jardine is a Royal Society University Fellow in the Department of Physics at the University of Cambridge. He works with the Surface, Microstructure and Fracture Research Group. Research in the SMF group focuses on both fundamental and applied studies of materials over a wide range of length and time scales: from the nanoscale to the macroscale and from picoseconds fluctuations to quasi-static processes. Their areas of study are broadly divided into surface phenomena and dynamic material processes. The group has 2 main focuses: Fracture and Shock Physics, and Surface Physics.

The Fracture and Shock Physics group aim to produce high-quality experimental data and develop cutting-edge and innovative techniques for understanding ultra-fast phenomena. The overall aim of this research is to develop the physical understanding of material response under extreme conditions. The applications of this research are in areas as diverse as safety, design, mining and quarrying, ballistics and blast protection. The materials they study are wide-ranging and include metals, polymers, explosives, sand, soils, etc.

The Surface Physics group carry out fundamental research into surface structure and processes. They are one of the world's only surface science groups to specialise in the experimental technique of Helium Atom Scattering (HAS), which they complement with more traditional surface techniques.