Dr Angelo Martins Junior

Research Associate at University of Bristol


Working on several research projects in Brazil and in the UK, my research interest has been concerned to issues related to the Labour Market, Mobility, Migration and Processes of Social Differentiation and Racialisation. Employing qualitative research, including ethnography in various settings and biographical narrative interviews, my research projects have dealt with groups at the sharp end of various forms of precariousness, inequality, exploitation and violence. They include, for instance, ‘The new territories of labour and production in Brazil: labour relations in the footwear cluster of Jau/SP’, and `From cleaner to waiter: trajectories of Brazilian workers in London'. My previous research, supported by the Brazilian Ministry of Education, examined the production and negotiation of difference among Brazilians living in London. Currently, I am working on the 5-year research project 'Modern Marronage: the pursuit and practice of freedom in the contemporary world' (ERC).