Dr Bjoern Hassler


Education, Open Access, Digital Technology

Dr Björn Haßler is a passionate communicator with strengths in developing and leading successful collaborations with over ten years of experience in the application of mobile digital technology, open development practices and interactive pedagogy to improve educational outcomes in the UK and in sub-Saharan Africa across primary, secondary and higher education, with a particular focus on teacher education and inclusive, quality Education for All.

He co-leads the OER4Schools project at the Centre for Research and Equitable Access to Learning at the Faculty of Education. The project seeks to promote enquiry-based learning through teacher education, using both Open Educational Resources and appropriate digital technologies. He also works as a key adviser for tutor professional development of the Ukaid-funded T-TEL programme in Ghana, where he is responsible for the design and execution of a three year College of Education tutor / teacher professional development programme.

In his previous role as Senior Research Associate at the Faculty of Education, he was principal investigator on the ORBIT project, producing an Open Resource Bank for Interactive Teaching.