Philip Colligan

CEO at Raspberry Pi Foundation

CEO, Raspberry Pi Foundation
Policy Fellow Alumnus, Centre for Science and Policy

Philip Colligan is the CEO of the Raspberry Pi Foundation. He is responsible for overseeing all of Raspberry Pi's charitable activities, from outreach and learning resources to grant-giving and partnerships with government and other organisations.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation is the charitable body which owns Raspberry Pi Trading. All the profit made by Raspberry Pi Trading goes straight to the Raspberry Pi Foundation, where it is spent on charitable aims.

Prior to taking up his position at the Raspberry Pi Foundation Philip worked at Nesta, where he was the Deputy Chief Executive and Executive Director of the Innovation Lab. The Innovation Lab works with innovators in government, public services, civil society and business to develop radical new responses to some of the most pressing social and economic challenges.

Philip built a portfolio of high impact programmes supporting innovations across government, public service reform, healthcare, neighbourhoods, digital technologies, volunteering and philanthropy, and support and finance to social ventures.

Before joining Nesta Philip worked for the London Borough of Camden and the Home Office. As assistant director for regeneration and partnerships at Camden he led economic development, regeneration, place-shaping and the council's relationship with the third sector. Prior to this he spent two years as deputy director for housing and adult social care, responsible for investment and repairs to 33,000 council homes, including leading major housing regeneration schemes.