Dr Chris Wingfield

Senior Curator (Archaeology) at Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology, University of Cambridge

Senior Curator (Archaeology), Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology, University of Cambridge

Dr Chris Wingfield is the Senior Curator responsible for World Archaeology in the Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology at the University of Cambridge. He has particular interests in southern Africa, but has also done field research in northern Australia, Jamaica and England. His interests and instincts are global and broadly comparative, and he is currently pursuing research on the role of missionaries (and museums) in the making of the modern world.

He has previously worked at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, where he was Curator of Human History, and the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford, where he worked as a researcher on a number of externally projects, including The Other Within and the Relational Museum.

He has also taught Heritage Studies and Material Culture to students at the Open University.