Mr David Cotterill

Deputy Director, Strategic Change at Cabinet Office


Deputy Director, Strategic Change, Cabinet Office

Since June 2012 David Cotterill has been working as Deputy Director for Strategy and Change in the IT Reform Group within Cabinet Office. David is responsible for delivering a strategy for UK Government to significantly reduce IT costs, deliver better services that meet the user need, and help the economy to grow by ensuring a more diverse, SME-friendly market for government IT contracts.

David was previously Deputy Director for Innovation at the Department for Work and Pensions. With a background in Programme Management, IT Strategy and Enterprise Architecture, he is experienced in unlocking innovation in large organisations. His team led on a number of programmes across UK government using the power of networks and open innovation to deliver better public services.

Prior to joining the public sector, he had a number of international roles with IBM and Navision Software.

David has an MA from the University of Cambridge.