The Cabinet Office

The Cabinet Office is the corporate headquarters for government, in partnership with HM Treasury, and we take the lead in certain critical policy areas including the reform and efficiency of public services, supporting the growth of civil society and co-ordinating National Security issues.

We support the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, and ensure the effective running of government. You can read more about the work of the department at


Shachi Amdekar

Senior Policy Advisor on Economic Resilience

Josh Bailey

Senior Policy Adviser

Ted Barry

Senior Policy Advisor

James Bowler

Second Permanent Secretary

Nigel Campbell

Chief Analyst, Implementation Unit

Rosalind Campion

Former Director of EU Exit Implementation

Beth Chaudhary

Director of Strategy

Alex Chisholm

Former Permanent Secretary

Rachel Cooper

Strategy Director, Cabinet Office

Mr David Cotterill

Deputy Director, Strategic Change

Rupert Cryer

Assistant Director

Natalia Domagala

Head of Data Ethics

Pamela Dow

Director, Strategy and Reform Unit

Charlie Edwards

Director Capability & PHIA

Alexandra Holt

Senior Policy Advisor

Helen MacNamara

Deputy Cabinet Secretary and Head of the Cabinet Secretariat

Fraser McArthur

Head of Incident Management

Ewen McKinnon

Wellbeing and Big Society Policy, Analysis and Insights Team

Alexandra Meagher

Former Policy Advisor, Social Investment and Finance Team

Alexandra Meagher: Case study

Senior Policy Advisor, Social Investment and Finance Team

Joseph Metcalf

Senior Policy Adviser

Hannah Rignell: Case study

Head of Community Action, Government Innovation Group, Cabinet Office

Simon Sharpe

Policy lead for COP 26

Alwyn Spencer

Head of Office and Senior Private Secretary

Dame Barbara Stocking

Non-Executive Director

Dr Simon Strickland

Senior Adviser on Strategy, National Security Secretariat

Tracey Waltho

Director General, Civil Service