Deborah Bronnert

HM Ambassador to the Russian Federation at Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

HM Ambassador to the Russian Federation
Policy Leaders Fellow Alumna, Centre for Science and Policy

Deborah Bronnert CMG became Her Majesty’s Ambassador to the Russian Federation in January 2020.

Previously, Deborah Bronnert was Director General, Economic and Consular, at the FCO from 2017-2019, including responsibility for Europe and Asia. Prior to that, she was the FCO’s Chief Operating Officer, from 2014-2016, responsible for delivering the staff, estate, tools, services and the events the Foreign and Commonwealth Office requires to achieve its Foreign Policy Priorities. Deborah was also a Trustee of the British Council (2015-2019).

Before joining the FCO Board as COO, Deborah spent three years in Zimbabwe as UK Ambassador (2011-14). She has also served in Moscow (2002-05), been a member of a European Commissioner’s Cabinet (1995-99) and served at the UK Representation to the EU in Brussels (1991-93). In London, Deborah has been Director Global and Economic Issues, then Prosperity, the UK’s G8 Foreign Affairs Sous Sherpa, as well as Head, Deputy Head and Desk Officer in various Departments. She started her career in the Department of the Environment. She was a non-Executive Director for the charity Merlin from 2010-13.

Her first degree is in Mathematics (Bristol University); she also has a Masters in the Political Economy of Russia and Eastern Europe (UCL).

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