Dr Eloise Taysom

VP of Product at Zoa

VP of Product, Zoa

Eloise Taysom is VP of Product at Zoa, a consumer experience platform powering the energy transition. Before Zoa, she was VP of Product at Bud where she led the development and growth of the product, a data intelligence platform to simplify financial services, used by financial institutions including HSBC, ANZ and TotallyMoney. She started her career as an engineer and then product manager building 0-1 products at DCA, Microsoft Research and GDS. She has a particular interest in designing with data and AI and has consulted on ethical use of AI with Projects by IF at Google and DeepMind.

Eloise has a PhD from the University of Cambridge Engineering Department. Her research was on resilience, with a focus on socio-technical systems, including infrastructure and organisations. This involved developing theory about how to design for change in complex systems. She holds a M.Eng. in Engineering.

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