Dr Eloise Elliott-Taysom

Head of Product at Bud

Head of of Product, Bud

Eloise Taysom is Head of Product at FinTech startup Bud, building intelligent services that help companies offer better financial experiences. Previously, Eloise was Product Lead at Projects by IF and consulted for Google and DeepMind on ethical use of AI. She also worked as Product Manager at Government Digital Service where she specialised in data and AI. At GDS, she led a project designing a way for services to check eligibility using personal data held across government

Eloise completed a PhD at the University of Cambridge Engineering Department in 2017. Her research was on resilience, with a focus on socio-technical systems such as cities and organisations. This involved developing theory about how to design for change and the relationship between people and technology in complex systems. She has worked in product design consultancy and at Microsoft Research developing a physical programming language that can be used by visually-impaired children. She holds a M.Eng. in Engineering.

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