Dr Franziska Sielker

Newton International Fellow at Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge

Newton International Fellow, Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge

Franziska is a Newton International Fellow at the Department of Land Economy. She is currently working on a British Academy Newton International Fellowship Project 'Power in Planning - Stakeholders' Choice of Power Channels in EU Sector Policies'.

Franziska also works on the ESPON BRIDGES project: 'Benefiting from unique Resources by applying Innovative Development strategies in territories with GEographical Specificities'. ESPON BRIDGES analyses territories with geographical specificities (TGS): mountain regions, islands, sparsely populated areas and coastal areas. The focus is not on whether TGS are lagging or not, but rather how they may develop in an increasingly integrated Single Market, and more generally in a context of economic globalisation. This implies enhanced exposure to international competition, deregulation and fiscal competition between countries, leading to limited public budgets. ESPON BRIDGES focuses on how ‘spatially blind’ policies, different types of market failures and path dependencies lead to a sub-optimal use of human and natural resources in TGS.

Franziska has also worked on a project for Greater Cambridge Partnership, delivering an analysis of common themes of reports on Cambridge (February 2018).

She has also carried out a project on 'Future Cities and Building Information Modeling (BIM): A European perspective on BIM', funded by the Centre for Digital Built Britain (January to May 2018).

She previously worked on the ESPON TCA/ ACTAREA project 'Thinking and planning areas of territorial cooperation' (finalised in February 2018).