Dr Gareth Rees

University Senior Lecturer at Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI)

University Senior Lecturer, Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge

Dr Gareth Rees is a University Senior Lecturer in the Scott Polar Research Institute, within the Department of Geography at the University of Cambridge. He is a Physicist with research interests predominantly in the development and application of space-borne remote sensing techniques to monitoring the dynamics of Polar glaciated and vegetated terrain and habitats. He is the author of the popular textbook Physical Principles of Remote Sensing (CUP, 3rd edition 2013).

His current research focusses on: Remote sensing of glaciers; Dynamics of snow cover; Impact of industrial pollution on high-latitude vegetation; Impact of reindeer grazing on tundra vegetation; and the PPS Arctic / Tundra-Taiga Initiative.

In 1985 Dr Rees completed his PhD in Radio Astronomy at the University of Cambridge, and since then he has held a number of academic positions within the University. He was the first person to be appointed in the University with a specific brief for Remote Sensing.