Professor Geoff Moggridge

Professor of Chemical Engineering Science at Department of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, University of Cambridge

Professor of Chemical Engineering Science, Department of Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology, University of Cambridge

Geoff Moggridge is a chemical engineer with expertise in micro-structures and chemical product design, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry and currently a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Engineering and Biotechnology. He gained his BA in Natural Sciences then PhD in Physical Chemistry at the University of Cambridge, and has since won the Entec Medal, 2007, Pilkington Prize, 2004, and Frank Morton Medal, 2002. He was the Piercy Distinguished Visiting Professor, University of Minnesota, 2001/2 and winner of the BBSRC/MRC biosciences business plan competition, 2000.

Research interests include biosensors, chemical design, invasive species, as well as addressing climate change with the Cambridge Environmental Initiatives group.