Giles Barker

COO at KisanHub

Chief Operating Officer, KisanHub

Giles Barker is COO of KisanHub, an agritech company that he co-founded in October 2012. KisanHub aims to assist farmers in making the most of their farms by utilising datasets such as farm operation records, local weather patterns, and commodity prices. By identifying current trends and patterns, farmers can make effective decisions about the best way to manage their farms, and improve risk and resilience.

Giles has a BA in Management and Business from Henley Business School, University of Reading, during which he spent time as an intern with ARM Holdings. His family background in farming in the east of England gave him experience in identifying a need for effective data analysis in agricultural communities. Together with his co-founder Dr Sachin Schende, Giles led KisanHub through Cambridge Judge Business School's Accelerate Program, and recently raised $1million in funding from investors including Notion Capital and NIAB.