Jeonghwa Yi

phd student at Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

PhD Student, Centre for Sustainable Development, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

Jeonghwa Yi is a licensed environmental engineer from South Korea. She is currently completing a PhD focuses on how the assessment of urban planning schemes can be undertaken to support sound engineering decision-making in the context of climate change. Using a case study approach, she is exploring the assessment tools that can be used to enable climate change considerations to be taken account more effectively.

Prior to her PhD Jeonghwa completed an MPhil study in 2006, with a research dissertation exploring Strategic Environmental Assessment for the Scottish wind farm development. Follow this, she worked for the Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS), carrying out work on policy research in metrology related environmental issues. Within this role, she participated in the government’s policy discussions most notably on “Improving quality of life through technologies”, and “A study on a strategic planning for the improvement of environmental measurements.” She also participated in the EU-Korea Science and Technology Joint Committee Meeting in 2008-2009.