Professor Julian Allwood

Professor of Engineering and the Environment

Professor Abir Al-Tabbaa

Professor of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Professor Holger Babinsky

Professor of Aerodynamics and Deputy Head of Department

Dr Somenath Bakshi

Associate Professor

Dr Adam Boies


Dr Ioannis Brilakis

Laing O Rourke Reader in Construction Engineering

Professor David Cardwell

Professor of Superconducting Engineering and Head of Department

Apurva Chitnis

Former MEng Student

Professor Ruchi Choudhary

Professor of Architectural Engineering

Professor Roberto Cipolla

Professor of Information Engineering

Professor John Clarkson

Director Cambridge Engineering Design Centre

Dr David Cole

Senior Lecturer

Professor Nick Collings

Head of the Acoustics, Fluid Mechanics, Turbomachinery and Thermodynamics Division

Dr Alison Cooke

Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment Programme Manager

Professor Nathan Crilly

University Associate Professor

Professor Jonathan Cullen

Professor of Sustainable Engineering

Dr Liz Curmi

Research Associate, Low Carbon Materials Processing

Dr Lavindra De Silva

Principal Research Associate

Professor Dame Ann Dowling

Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Dr John Durrell

Senior Research Associate

Professor Richard Fenner

Emeritus - Director, MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development

Professor Andrea Ferrari

Professor of Nanotechnology

Dr Shaun Fitzgerald

RAEng Visiting Professor

Professor Norman Fleck

Professor of Mechanics of Materials

Professor Andrew Flewitt

Professor in Engineering, Electronic Devices & Materials Group

Professor Zoubin Ghahramani

Professor of Information Engineering

Professor Mark Girolami

Sir Kirby Laing Professor of Civil Engineering

Professor Simon Godsill

Professor of Statistical Signal Processing

Dr Simon Guest

Head of Civil Engineering

Philip Guildford

Chief Operating Officer

Dr Albert Guillén i Fàbregas

Lecturer, Signal Processing and Communications Lab

Professor Peter Guthrie

Director of Research in Sustainable Development

Dr Theo Hacking

Senior Research Associate

Dr Oliver Hadeler

Research Associate, Centre of Molecular Materials for Photonics and Electronics

Dr Tawfique Hasan

University Associate Professor

Dr Molly Haugen

Research Associate

Dr Guillaume Hennequin

University Associate Professor in Computational Neuroscience

Professor Simone Hochgreb

Professor of Engineering

Dr Paul Hodgson

Research Associate in Zero Emission Aviation

Emma Houiellebecq

PhD Candidate, Centre for Sustainable Development

Professor Hugh Hunt

Professor of Engineering Dynamics and Vibrations

Dr Fumiya Iida

University Associate Professor in Mechatronics

Dr Jason Jacques

Research Associate

Elise Jenkins

PhD candidate

Dr Lili Jia

Senior Research Associate

Professor Matthew Juniper

Professor of Thermofluid Dynamics

Dr Alexandre Kabla

University Associate Professor

Alex Kendall

PhD candidate

Maria Kettle

Outreach Officer

Dr Timos Kipouros

Senior Research Associate

Grant Kopec

phd student

Dr Monika Kreitmair

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Dr Per Ola Kristensson

Lecturer in Engineering Design

Krishna Kumar

Research Associate

Dr Patrick Langdon

Principal Research Associate

Paul Larcey


Professor Janet Lees

Professor of Civil Engineering

Ben Lindley

PhD candidate

Dr Teng Long

University Associate Professor in Power Electronics

Dr Kristen MacAskill

Associate Professor

Professor Lord Robert Mair

Sir Kirby Laing Professor of Civil Engineering

Professor George Malliaras

Prince Philip Professor of Technology

Dr Flavia Mancini

MRC Career Development Award Fellow

Professor Epaminondas Mastorakos

Professor of Energy Technologies

Professor Duncan McFarlane

Professor of Service and Support Engineering

Dr Graham McShane

University Associate Professor

Professor Campbell Middleton

Professor of Construction Engineering

Professor John Miles

Research Professor in Transitional Energy Strategies

Professor Bill Milne

Head of Electrical Engineering Division

Professor Rick Mitchell

Visiting Professor of Innovation

Dr Dai Morgan

Deputy Course Director

Dr James Moultrie

Senior Lecturer in Design Management

Dr Xiaoxiang Na

Assistant Professor in Applied Mechanics

Professor Arokia Nathan

Professor of Photonic Systems and Displays

Dr Timea Nochta

Research Associate, Centre for Smart Infrastructure and Construction (CSIC)

Dr Luigi Occhipinti

Principal Research Associate

Dr William O'Neill

Professor in Laser Engineering

Dr Patrick Palmer

Lecturer in Electronic Engineering

Dr Geoff Parks

Professor in Nuclear Engineering

Professor Richard Penty

Faculty Researcher

Dr Ioannis Politis

Research Associate

Professor Richard Prager

Professor of Engineering

Professor Carl Edward Rasmussen

Professor of Machine Learning Group and Head of the Computational and Biological Learning Lab

Dr Olivia Remes

Research Associate

Dr Jossy Sayir

Lecturer in Communications

Dr Sakthy Selvakumaran

Isaac Newton Trust Fellow in Engineering

Dr Ashwin Seshia

Professor of Microsystems Technology

Dr Brian Sheil

Laing O’Rourke Associate Professor in Construction Engineering

Dr Sandy Skelton

Research Associate

Professor Kenichi Soga

Professor of Civil Engineering

Sam Stephenson

phd student

Professor Michael Sutcliffe

Professor in Mechanics of Materials

Professor Paul Tucker

Rank Professor of Engineering

Dr Richard Turner

University Associate Professor

Professor Chander Velu

Professor of Innovation and Economics

Dr Ramji Venkataramanan

University Associate Professor in Digital Communications and Signal Processing

Professor Sir Mark Welland

Former Head of Electrical Engineering

Dr Adrian Weller

Director of Research for Machine Learning

Professor Ian White

Van Eck Professor

Professor Tim Wilkinson

Professor of Photonic Engineering

Professor Daniel Wolpert

Professor of Engineering (1875)

Ben Woodington

PhD candidate

Professor Phil Woodland

Professor of Information Engineering, Machine Intelligence Laboratory

Dr Jinying XU

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow

Jeonghwa Yi

phd student

Professor Steve Young

Emeritus Professor of Information Engineering

Dr Miri Zilka

Research Fellow, Machine Learning Group