Dr Katia Smith-Litiere

Co-Founder & Director of Strategy and Partnerships at Cambridge Science Centre

Co-Founder & Director of Strategy and Partnerships, Cambridge Science Centre

Dr Katia Smith-Litiere is a Co-Founder and the Director of Strategy and Partnerships for Cambridge Science Centre. She is keen to bring together the Cambridge research, business and creative communities to help show how fundamental scientific research drives innovation in products and services which we use every day.

Katia has extensive experience in scientific research, commercialisation, innovative problem solving and public outreach. Her background is life sciences, with a PhD in Plant Biotechnology from the University of Gent (Belgium), followed by research into cell polarity at the Gurdon Institute, Cambridge. She has eight years consultancy experience in the Life Science and Healthcare industry. She is a founder member and chair of the Cambridgeshire branch of the British Science Association.

The Cambridge Science Centre is an educational charity which hosts hands-on exhibitions, workshops, shows and talks to get the public excited about science and technology.