Dr Ken Moody

at Department of Computer Science and Technology, University of Cambridge

Former Reader in Distributed Information Management, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge

Ken Moody is a former Reader in Distributed Information Management, at the University of Cambridge, having retired in 2007. He stayed on as a Principal Research Associate until 2008. He continues to supervise undergraduates and to be involved in some of the Opera Group's research projects, in particular TIME-EACM.

Prior to his retirement, Ken led the Opera Group with Jean Bacon. The focus of the group’s research is the design and deployment of open, large-scale, widely distributed systems. During his time leading the group, his team completed projects focusing on Multi-Service Storage Architecture (MSSA), the IMP Interactive presentation support system, Active Systems, Global Computation using Events, Oasis Access Control, Access Control Policy Management, Business Contract Driven Applications, Securing Publish/Subscribe Information Flows (EDSAC21), Information Management for Patient Care (CareGrid) and the Transport Information Monitoring Environment (TIME-EACM).