Dr Leila Luheshi

Associate Director, Clinical and Translational Research at Oxford Nanopore Technologies

Associate Director, Clinical and Translational Research, Oxford Nanopore Technologies Ltd

Leila Luheshi is the Associate Director for Clinical and Translational Research at Oxford Nanpore Technologies Ltd. She was previously Programme Lead (Science) at the PHG Foundation, where she was responsible for the delivery of the scientific expertise and analysis that underpins the work of the Foundation. She also contributed to the development of their strategic partnerships with other organisations who have an interest in science and health policy.

Previously, she was a Senior Research Associate at the Department of Chemistry, University of Cambridge. Her research focused on understanding the origins of protein aggregation in neurodegenerative diseases and the relationship between protein aggregation and the pathogenesis of these diseases. She aims to achieve this through cross-disciplinary, collaborative projects that involves participants from a range of scientific backgrounds

Her two main research areas are:

  • Investigating the in vivo determinants of protein aggregation in Alzheimer's Disease, and the relationship between aggregation and pathogenesis, by using a combination of in vivo, in vitro and theoretical methods.
  • Developing new models of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Spino-bulbar Muscular Atrophy in Drosophila and in cell culture to evaluate the contribution of protein misfolding to these diseases.

Dr Luheshi also has a keen interest in the relationship between science and policy and has been actively involved in organising the Cambridge Public Policy Seminars and other events with CPP and the Centre for Science and Policy. For an account of her experience on a CSaP placement in the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills, see here.