Lex Paulson


Professor of Rhetoric & Human Rights, Sciences Po

Lex Paulson lectures in rhetoric and political theory at l’Institut des Etudes Politiques (Sciences Po) in Paris, and serves as international counselor to Karel Janeček and the Democracy 2.1 initiative. Born in Washington DC, he has worked as an attorney, professor, writer, and consultant in international governance, including projects for UNICEF, the US State Department, the National Democratic Institute, and the Center for International Private Enterprise. Trained in political philosophy at Yale, Cambridge, and the Sorbonne, he served as legislative counsel in the 111th US Congress, organized on four US presidential campaigns, and worked as a volunteer attorney for Lawyers for Children America.

His work as a facilitator and political strategist in the international arena include work with NGOs and governments in India, Tunisia, Egypt, Uganda, Burundi, Côte d'Ivoire, and Congo-Brazzaville, among others, on the challenges of citizen engagement, transparent electoral processes, and capacity-building within legislatures and political parties.