Miss Lindsay Moore

at Department of Psychology, University of Cambridge


MPhil in Psychology and Neuroscience in Education

Junior Associate Fellow at the Centre for Science and Policy

Lindsay’s interest in science and policy began as an undergraduate at Williams College in Massachusetts, USA. At Williams, she worked in a developmental neuroscience laboratory, studying hippocampal and olfactory learning and memory systems. She also founded a chapter of the Roosevelt Institute, a student think-tank, to encourage students to translate their academic interests into creative policy solutions.

Selected as a Visiting Scholar at Georgetown University’s Center for Clinical Bioethics, Lindsay conducted independent research on how advances in neuroscience inform and alter education policies and guidelines in the United States. She was then invited to present her work at the National Undergraduate Bioethics Conference. The following year, Lindsay was awarded a fellowship to collaborate with the European Parliament and EU member states’ parliamentary science ministries. Her research focused on the divergent science and technology innovation policy strategies used by the United States and European Union.

Lindsay graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Williams College in 2009 with a degree in psychology and a concentration in neuroscience and was awarded the William Bradford Turner Citizenship Prize. Lindsay received a Dr. Herchel Smith Fellowship and is currently pursuing an MPhil in Psychology and Neuroscience in Education at the University of Cambridge.

  • 13 May 2011

    Miles Elsden - Science advice in emergencies

    A talk by Miles Elsden as part of the Cambridge Public Policy Seminar Series.

  • 28 April 2011

    Science on the Inside

    A joint event between CSaP and GO Science which will bring together scientists and policy professionals to explore the increasing impact of science on policy from the perspective of practitioners.