Professor Nicholas Mascie-Taylor

Professor of Biology and Health at Division of Biological Anthropology, University of Cambridge

Professor of Biology and Health, Department of Biological Anthropology, University of Cambridge

Professor Nicholas Mascie-Taylor is Professor of Biology and Health in the Department of Biological Anthropology, at the University of Cambridge. He is also the Director of the Human Epidemiology Nutrition Growth Ecology Research Group (HENGE).

HENGE focuses on the epidemiology and control of infectious diseases, the interactions between nutrition, growth, reproduction and disease and on human population structure. Research at HENGE covers major aspects of the study of Human Population Biology and Ecology with the aim of enhancing understanding of the biosocial and ecological factors modifying the adaptability of human populations.

Professor Mascie-Taylor's own field of research of Human Population Biology and Health is a transdisciplinary subject which recognises that human populations & cultures and their disease profiles cannot be understood simply through biological or social processes, but that an integrated approach combining the social & natural sciences are likely to provide the most comprehensive understanding. His most recent research is on the inter-relationships between poverty, nutrition and disease with support from UK Aid with work primarily in Bangladesh and Nepal. He is also interested in the impact of migration and mating patterns in modifying the structure of human populations and he has used longitudinal cohort studies to show that both random and selective migration occur with different end products.