Oliver Mytton

at MRC Epidemiology Unit

PhD Candidate, Centre for Diet and Activity Research, University of Cambridge

Oliver Mytton is a PhD Candidate in the Centre for Diet and Activity Research at the University of Cambridge. He has a long standing interest in the prevention of obesity, particularly the role of ‘population approaches’ in the promotion of healthy eating and regular physical activity. In particular he has used modelling to estimate and understand the health impacts of different fiscal measures (taxes on unhealthy foods and subsidies on fruit & vegetables). In his PhD he will focus on ‘the other side of the equation’ – looking at how we can support and encourage people to undertake regular physical activity.

Oliver’s background is in medicine and public health. From an early stage in his medical training he was interested in public health and particularly the prevention of illness. He was fortunate to spend two years working in the Department for Health and the World Health Organisation for the Chief Medical Officer for England. Following this, he joined the public health training scheme in Oxford, as an Academic Clinical Fellow.