Professor Philip Treleaven

Professor of Computing at University College London (UCL)

Professor of Computing, Department of Computer Science, University College London
Director of the Financial Computing Centre, Department of Computer Science, University College London

Philip Treleaven is Professor of Computing and Director of the Financial Computing Centre at University College London. His research focuses on financial services such as computational finance and algorithmic trading, and his team pioneered the use of computational finance techniques in areas such as automated fraud detection. He is also interested in applied research in the creative industries, and entrepreneurship.

As part of his research in to the creative industries, Philip utilised UCL's cutting edge 3d body scanning technology to run the UK National Sizing Survey. Scanning 11000 subjects gave a total of over 1.5 million measurements. The results allow clothing companies to change the fit and sizing of clothes for changing body types, which reduces waste through fewer clothing returns by customers and increase production efficiency.

Philip's research has been published in a broad range of journals, including the International Journal of Obesity, and the American Journal of Physical Anthropology. He has held a variety of government advisory positions in the UK and European Commission, and is currently an advisor to the Thai government on research and development in computing and electronics.