Rebecca Willis

Professor in Practice at Lancaster University

Professor in Practice, Lancaster University

Professor Rebecca Willis's work focuses on environment, climate and energy policy. Her current project at Lancaster University, a collaboration with Green Alliance, investigates how politicians understand and respond to climate change. She established Green Alliance’s Climate Leadership Programme in 2009, working with politicians to develop their understanding of climate change. The research looks at how UK members of Parliament understand what climate change means for their role at the national level and in their constituencies, and how to best support them in taking action.

Professor Willis is a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of RCUK’s Energy Programme and advises the iGov initiative at the University of Exeter. She is a Fellow of the Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP) and a Trustee of the New Economics Foundation. From 2011-15 she was a Council Member of the Natural Environment Research Council, and from 2004-11,Vice-Chair of the UK Sustainable Development Commission, advising the Prime Minister and First Ministers of the devolved administrations. Professor Willis is an Associate of the think tank Green Alliance and from 2001-4 was Green Alliance’s Director. Previously, she spent two years as a policy adviser at the European Parliament in Brussels, specialising in international environmental issues.

  • Projects

    Science, policy making and public dialogue: New and emerging issues in the UK

    The Centre for Science and Policy and the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) are collaborating on a horizon-scanning process, the focus of which will be new public policy issues that are likely to emerge in the UK in the next five to ten years.