Dr Roger Miles

at UK Finance

Visiting lecturer, Advisor and Research Associate: Risk Perception, Regulatory Design, Public Trust and Governance

Roger Miles counsels the Boards of public- and private-sector organisations and teaches behavioural risk at postgraduate level. In commercial practice, he develops tools for better analysis and reporting of behavioural risk, mainly in regulated financial markets.

He is co-founder and Faculty Lead at UK Finance’s Conduct Risk and Culture Academy. In Cambridge, besides CSaP panel support, he is a visiting lecturer for the Centre for Compliance and Trust at JBS, and researches the regulation of conduct, culture and reputation risk in financial markets. He also teaches at UK Defence Academy. As a multi-disciplinary Doctor of Risk – in cognitive science, regulatory design and group behaviour – he researches senior managers’ private experiences of making sense of “what actually happens” during failures of control.

After audit training with PwC, he managed risk communication initiatives for brands including Barclays and Vodafone; for public bodies including HM Government (Cabinet Office, Industry and Environment ministries [as Head of Risk Communications]); and for industry groups including the Federation Bancaire Europeene (Brussels) and BBA (as Director and Head of Communications). He now works with leadership groups in business, government and NGOs, improving collective risk-awareness and developing more reliable predictors for misconduct.

His book Culture Audit in Financial Services (Kogan Page, 2021), noted as ‘highly useful’ by the UK regulator, draws on his long-running conversations with senior regulators in Conduct regime jurisdictions worldwide. It follows the success of Conduct Risk Management: A Behavioural Approach (2017) in introducing financial managers to the benefits of applied behavioural science. He publishes serial commentaries on risk culture (with Thomson Reuters, the Financial Times, UK Finance, Berkeley Research and others), best practice guidelines for various professional bodies, and co-edits an encyclopaedia of key behavioural science concepts for the annual Behavioral Economics Guides (LSE). He has contributed research to forums such as Tales of the Unintended (ABI) and Understanding Uncertainty (Cambridge); and to the best-sellers Watching The English (Kate Fox) and The FT Operational Risk Handbook.