Rupert Cryer

Head of Practice Innovation at Government Legal Department

Head of Practice Innovation, Government Legal Department
Policy Fellow Alumnus, Centre for Science and Policy

Rupert Cryer is Head of Practice Innovation at the Government Legal Department.

With extensive experience of working at the centre of government, Rupert has run strategic Capability Reviews of government departments, contributed to the Behavioural Insights Team’s energy use paper, and led the Cabinet Office’s policy work to tackle over £22 billion of overdue debt owed to HM Government.

With a particular interest in innovation, Rupert won the Civil Service Dragons’ Den competition.

He was previously an Assistant Director at the Cabinet Office, working in the Policy Lab. He was part of the core team that developed the Cabinet Office Policy School, a new approach to developing policy understanding, championed by the Cabinet Secretary. Rupert led on SKYrooms - a network of world-class spaces for innovation, having pitched the idea to the Cabinet Office Accelerator.

Rupert holds a BA in History from Durham University.

Rupert outlines the CSaP Policy Fellowship programme in 60 seconds