Dr Sally Howes

Chair of Steering Board at UK Space Agency

Chair, UK Space Agency
Cyber & Digital Transformation Consultant
Policy Fellow Alum, Centre for Science and Policy

Sally Howes is a Consultant working in cyber and digital transformation. She works particularly with SMEs who are leaders in these sectors, and also works directly for the States of Jersey, where she supports the Head of the Civil Service in digital transformation and other technology matters.

Sally was previously a member of the Executive Team at the National Audit Office, responsible for evaluating the implementation and value for money of government technology and business change programmes and for implementing digital transformation within the NAO. She has also worked for the Ministry of Defence as Director of Commercial Services. Before joining the MoD she spent four years as Director General for the Society of British Aerospace Companies (now ADS Group), where she delivered their business transformation programme and 12 years as one of the founders and Managing Director of a SME consultancy business in the satellite sector.

Sally holds a PhD in Hydrology from the University of Bristol, and a Master of Arts in Geography from the University of Cambridge. She is a Council Member for Surrey University, where she is advising on the University's digital ambitions.