Dr Sara Shaw

Senior Researcher at University of Oxford

Senior Researcher in Health Policy Research, University of Oxford

Dr Sara Shaw is a Senior Researcher at the University of Oxford. She has a background in medical sociology and policy studies and her research focuses on health policy and healthcare practices. Her particular interests lie in the development of health and social policies, how these are understood and interpreted by patients, practitioners, professionals and policymakers, and how policies shape organisational processes, routines and decision-making. She has undertaken work on topics including remote consultations, NHS commissioning, integrated care, patient experience, health research policy and research governance.

She is committed to working across boundaries. In addition to her position at University of Oxford, Dr Shaw is Visiting Reader at Queen Mary University of London and Visiting Senior Fellow at the Nuffield Trust, an independent UK charity focused on researching health policy and the organisation and delivery of health care. She has undertaken work for the Department of Health, Royal College of General Practitioners, Faculty of Public Health, National Institute for Health Research and NHS R&D Forum. She is on the Editorial Board of Sociology of Health & Illness, is Associate Editor for BMC Health Services Research; and has published widely on topics including shaping national health research policy, critical approaches to understanding and analysing policy and the organisation of health and social care.

She was previously Senior Lecturer and Director of the Unit for Social Policy and Practice in Health Care at QMUL's Blizard Institute.