Dr Sarah Cook

Policy Analyst - Biomedical Science at The PHG Foundation


Policy Analyst - Biomedical Science, PHG Foundation

Sarah is a biomedical policy analyst and contributes to a broad spectrum of work, mainly focusing on the applications of genomic sequencing in public health for infectious disease management and surveillance, and in genomic medicine for rare and complex disease. Sarah has also led work on the use of citizen generated data for health and contributes to the PHG Foundation’s expanding commissioned work portfolio.

Her interest in the intersection between science and policy emerged whilst undertaking a Parliamentary Office for Science and Technology Fellowship during her PhD. Since then, Sarah has developed her expertise at the PHG Foundation in multiple areas investigating the use of new and existing technologies for personalised medicine.

Sarah completed her PhD at the School of Chemistry, Food and Pharmacy in 2017 which focused on investigating the interactions between food microstructure and the oral mucosa, and the impact on sensory experience. She also has an undergraduate degree in Human Bioscience BSc from the University of Northampton where she undertook a research project looking at the impacts of dietary changes on mitochondrial respiration.