The PHG Foundation is a non-profit think tank with a special focus on how genomics and other emerging health technologies can provide more effective, personalised healthcare and deliver improvements in health for patients and citizens. In April 2018, PHG Foundation became part of the University of Cambridge, as a linked exempt charity.

The Foundation’s mission is to make science work for health. Placing the health of individuals and populations at the centre of all we do, we help governments, policy makers and health professionals tackle barriers to progress and implement strategic change within health systems to drive forward the translation of biomedical advances into practical benefits.

They are currently undertaking work in the areas of circulating tumour DNA technology use in cancer management, citizen generated data and regulating algorithms in healthcare. The Foundation has recently started an exciting two year project My Healthy Future which aims to set out a vision of personalised healthcare in 2040 – find out more here.


Dr Chantal Babb de Villiers

Senior Policy Analyst

Dr Laura Blackburn

Head of Science

Dr Hilary Burton

Consultant in Public Health

Dr Sarah Cook

Policy Analyst - Biomedical Science

Alison Hall

Head of Humanities

Dr Richard Milne

Research Associate

Dr Colin Mitchell

Senior Policy Analyst - Law, regulation and digital technologies

Dr Sowmiya Moorthie

Senior Policy Analyst (Epidemiology)

Dr Sobia Raza

Head of Science

Dr Ron Zimmern

Chairman of the Board of Trustees