Dr Temur Yunusov

Research Assistant at The Sainsbury Laboratory (SLCU), University of Cambridge

Dr Temur Yunusov
Research Assistant, The Sainsbury Laboratory, University of Cambridge

Temur Yunusov is a Research Assistant in The Sainsbury Laboratory at the University of Cambridge. His research focuses on cellular interfaces between plants and microbes between mutualistic (R. irregularis) and pathogenic (P. palmivora) interactions using a variety of techniques, including fluoresence imaging and microdissection.

Temur holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge, and a BSc from the National University of Uzbekistan at Tashkent. After completing his BSc he worked at the Institute of Regional Problems as part of a team analysing the soil and water quality of the Zerafshan river basin, in order to investigate the impact on flora in the region. His PhD research focused on the development of nervous systems by studying the interneurons and motorneurons in Drosophila melanogaster larvae.