Dr Tim Chatterton

Social Science Policy Fellow at Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS)


Tim has been working in Air Quality for over ten years following a diverse background in social sciences and Environmental Impact Assessment which still provide a broad context for his world view. He has a wide range of experience in air quality and climate change related issues and practices, from the very technical/science orientated to the policy implementation and public consultation aspects.

In his position in the AQMRC over the last seven years, Tim has also been involved in the development of air quality policies and strategies at local and national levels both in the UK, Europe, Asia and Africa, including helping write the South African National Framework on Air Quality and providing support for the development of an Air Quality Action Plan for Bangkok. He also represents the AQMRC within the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities.

He currently sits on the Environmental Protection UK Air Quality Committee, the committee of the Investigation of Air Pollution Standing Conference and is chair of the UKPHA Special Interest Group on Health and Sustainable Environments.

For the last eight years Tim has written the monthly 'Pollutionwatch' column for the Guardian newspaper, published in the paper on the second Wednesday of each month summarising the previous month's air pollution across the UK and any other related events of interest.

Outside work hours, Tim is equally busy - he appreciates the outdoor environment through walking, rock climbing and scuba diving. He is responsible for a worryingly large allotment, and he has a strong interest in music.

He also spent a number of years attempting to establish a Centre for Rural Sustainability and Environmental Education in Norfolk to deal with the promotion of sustainable rural livelihoods at a grassroots level.

Tim was elected as SIG Chairs' representative in a vote by the Chairs held in December 2008.

  • 15 November 2010

    Professional Development Policy Seminar

    The Centre for Science and Policy is partnering with the Cambridge Centre for Climate Change Mitigation Research (4CMR) to run a Professional Development Policy Seminar to provide an introduction for early career researchers on how public policy is made and the role that research plays.

  • 8 September 2010

    Behaviour and energy efficiency

    In recognition of the need for the public to become more engaged in reducing their domestic energy usage DECC is seeking to work more closely with the academic community to review current policy and practice.