Dr Toby Jackson

Postdoc at Forest Ecology and Conservation Group

Postdoc, Forest Ecology and Conservation Group, University of Cambridge
NERC-funded CSaP Policy Inn (April 2018 – July 2018)

Toby is a Postdoc at the Forest Ecology and Conservation Group at the University of Cambridge, studying the effects of wind on trees.having completed his PhD at the Enviromental Change Institute at the University of Oxford in 2019, on Tree biomechanics: a study of the mechanical stability of broadleaf trees

Toby was a NERC-funded CSaP policy intern intern from April 2018 ti July 2018, while he was a final year PhD student working on wind damage in natural forests.

Wind damage is a major driver of forest structure and the terrestrial carbon cycle worldwide, but most of the work on wind damage has focussed on conifer plantations. Toby’s work applies existing techniques, which were originally developed in the forestry industry, to natural forests in the UK and Malaysia. He also uses terrestrial laser scanning data to map the architecture of broadleaf trees and test how it affects the way they respond to wind storms.

Toby has an MSc in physics from University College London and spent a year as an exchange student in the University of Texas, Austin. He is currently part of the Ecosystems Lab and the Environmental Change Institute in the School of Geography and the Environment, University of Oxford.

Twitter: Toby_D_Jackson