Victor Lovic

at Imperial College London

Victor Lovic
Policy Intern, Centre for Science and Policy

Victor works in the field of quantum communications, an emerging technology which offers secure communications based on the laws of quantum physics. His PhD studies focus on the so-called implementation security of quantum communication systems, investigating the potential security vulnerabilities that might arise due to imperfect implementations of the technology. He is interested in the policy implications of this and other emerging technologies and has written on the topic for the Cambridge Journal of Science and Policy.

More broadly, Victor is interested in the potential of emerging technologies to influence the world in good or bad ways, and thinks that good policymaking is key to ensuring good outcomes while mitigating any risks. He hopes to use his career to help develop and implement such policies.

Previously, Victor studied Physics at the University of Glasgow. He enjoys hiking and cycling in his spare time and has a passion for DIY.

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