Building resilience in the UK’s electromagnetic environment

11 April 2024


The Resilience and Security Institute at Cranfield University teamed up with CSaP to host a roundtable on building resilience in the UK’s electromagnetic environment (EME). The goal of the roundtable was to encourage the exchange of knowledge, insights and ideas among the participants coming from problem owners, policy makers, industry representatives, and researchers.

Download the report here.

Modern systems, including critical national infrastructure (CNI), heavily rely on the EME and are interdependent. Changes in the EME, both due to natural causes (e.g. space weather) or malicious intent (e.g. jamming), can have damaging effects and could have huge implications on all sectors. It is therefore vital to build resilience in the UK’s EME.

The concept of resilience describes the ability to anticipate, prepare, respond and learn. The roundtable aimed to identify risks, describe vulnerabilities, design mitigation strategies and develop recovery plans.

The event included experts from government, industry and academia to discuss the embedded challenges of the EME with participants addressing questions on threats, vulnerabilities, risk management, mitigation strategies, and recovery. This report combines the outputs of those discussions and divides them into identified threats, vulnerabilities, and recommended solutions.

Dr Tristram Riley-Smith

Centre for Science and Policy, University of Cambridge