CSaP secures £1.1m for its research activites

1 May 2013


At this year's CSaP annual conference (18 April), Executive Director, Robert Doubleday, announced CSaP's participation in research programmes that have collectively raised over £10m in funding over the past twelve months. As part of this funding, CSaP has secured £1.1 million for its research and research-related activities from funding bodies including the ESRC, EPSRC, Joseph Rowntree Foundation and the European Commission Framework Programme.

These partners fund a diverse research programme that brings together world-class researchers and policy makers to work on topics from the horizon scanning process and antipoverty strategies, to making better use of biodiversity data in policy making. In all cases CSaP aims to influence policy and practice change.

Professor Sir Leszek Borysiewicz, Vice Chancellor of the University of Cambridge said, “The Centre for Science and Policy is an important initiative, facilitating access to the University of Cambridge’s world-leading expertise. The benefits of this deeper engagement are manifold: for the researchers who gain a greater understanding of real world challenges, for policy makers who gain access to the latest research findings, and for society which benefits from improved, evidence-based decision-making by government.”

Dr David Cleevely, Founding Director of the Centre for Science and Policy said, “At CSaP, we’ve seen concrete examples of how bringing together policy makers and academic experts has informed policy and legislation. We are investing in establishing these professional connections, and are also building a world-class research base aimed at deepening our understanding of how science and engineering advice gets incorporated into policy. In the past twelve months, CSaP has been part of research projects that have raised over £10 million in funding – an indication of the potential benefit to society of further improving knowledge exchange between government and academia.”

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