How can we use evidence to reduce poverty in the UK?

7 November 2016


What would it take to solve UK poverty? At a recent reception celebrating the new plan from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) to solve poverty in the UK, CSaP Policy Leaders Fellow Julia Unwin spoke about the accomplishments of JRF during her tenure as Chief Executive, and the challenges and possibilities ahead.

The release of JRF’s recent report We Can Solve Poverty in the UK followed a four-year programme of information-gathering, including a two-day workshop facilitated by CSaP bringing together experts from academia, government and the voluntary sector.

The report details how poverty and its consequences are estimated to cost the UK taxpayer £78 billion every year, and brings together a range of evidence-based recommendations into a five-point plan for the UK.

At the reception on 3 November 2016, Julia Unwin spoke about how contributors to the report came from “a spectrum of society”, spanning employers and businesses, practitioners, civil servants and politicians from all parties, as well as the wider public. Bringing together many of these individuals, the reception provided an opportunity both to celebrate the work that went into the report, and to discuss next steps in JRF’s plan to solve UK poverty.

Click here for JRF's report We Can Solve Poverty in the UK.

Dame Julia Unwin

York St John University