The Cambridge Conservation Initiative represents a critical mass of expertise – on a scale unparalleled anywhere in the world – at the interface of research and education, policy and action, for the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems. It exists to deliver transformational approaches to understanding and conserving biodiversity and the wealth of natural capital it represents. Our strategic objectives are to:

  • Foster and champion a comprehensive understanding of the values of biological diversity and the urgent need for sustainable biodiversity conservation.
  • Engage with and provide analysis to inform decision-making by government, industry and civil society in local, national and international contexts.
  • Increase the effectiveness of conservation actions by catalysing innovative and collaborative interdisciplinary work that delivers sustainable solutions for natural resource management.
  • Enhance global leadership and knowledge exchange through training and networking.

Each CCI partner already has an active programme of conservation work. By joining together in strategic collaborations, however, we are tackling new and existing issues with innovative approaches, and across disciplines, in ways that cannot be achieved by any one partner alone.

CCI is uniquely placed to feed new thinking and training into worldwide conservation practice and policy through the partner conservation organisations and their networks. Similarly the experience, knowledge and information from
on-the-ground implementation of policy and practice is fed into CCI's research and teaching.

Our vision is to secure a sustainable future for biodiversity and humanity through an effective partnership of leaders in conservation research, education, policy and practice.


Dr Katherine Bolt

CCI Natural Capital Hub Co-Manager

Professor Melissa Leach

Executive Director

Tom Maddox

Natural Capital Hub Co-Manager

Dr Michael (Mike) Maunder

Former Executive Director

Dr Mike Rands

Executive Director