Dr Mike Rands

Executive Director at Cambridge Conservation Initiative (CCI)

Master, Darwin College, Cambridge

Dr Michael Rands is the Master of Darwin College and a Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge. Conservation biologist, formerly Chief Executive of BirdLife International and Founding Director of the Cambridge Conservation Initiative.

Professor Rands is a British conservation biologist with a distinguished career in academia and environmental organizations. He has held significant roles such as executive director of the Cambridge Conservation Initiative and chief executive of BirdLife International. Rands received his education from the University of East Anglia, and the University of Oxford, where he earned his doctorate in ecology. His research has contributed to the development of conservation practices, particularly in agricultural ecosystems. Throughout his career, Rands has been instrumental in the establishment of initiatives such as BirdLife International and the Cambridge Conservation Campus. He has also led efforts to restore European landscapes through collaborations like the Endangered Landscapes Programme. He holds additional roles as Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge and Trustee of the Cambridge Commonwealth, European & International Trust.