Intelligence Agency was launched on February 1st 2004 by John Knell and Richard Reeves as a new type of ideas consultancy, combining the best traditions of thought leadership and strategic consultancy.

Since Intelligence Agency’s inception our clients have engaged us in a wide variety of assignments, including:

  • New ideas generation
  • Root and branch strategic reviews
  • Retained special advisors and top executive support
  • Public policy insight
  • Top team, Board and organisational development work

Both John Knell and Richard Reeves are well known public speakers on work and organisational transformation and a wide range of public policy issues, with this element of our work continuing to grow. In partnership with Speakers for Business we launched the 80 Minute MBA to very positive audience reaction (cf.

The accompanying book, The 80 Minute MBA, was published by Headline in March 2009 and has sold over 50,000 copies and is now in the top 25 best ever selling business books in the UK.

Intelligence Agency’s consultancy work is now carried out solely by John Knell - as Richard Reeves became Senior Political Advisor to Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister in 2010. Richard left this post to move to North America in the Summer of 2012.


John Knell