John Knell

Director at Intelligence Agency

Director, Intelligence Agency

John Knell is one of the UK's leading thinkers on the changing face of work and organisations, and he has an international reputation as a cultural policy consultant.

John has worked with a wide range of corporate clients, including Microsoft, Tesco, Astra Zeneca, Eversheds, Lloyds TSB, Manpower, and Siemens. Current clients include Arkadin, Arts Council England, CCA, Kcom, The Warwick Commission on Cultural Value, and the Government of Western Australia.

John’s recent client work has ranged across high-level public policy work particularly in the arts and creative economy sphere, strategic reviews and strategy development, thought leadership development, top team facilitation, executive advice and support, and a wide range of public speaking and event facilitation activities.

He has recently created a new company, Counting What Counts, to deploy the ‘Culture Counts’ measurement system he has developed working with the cultural sector over the last fours years. His latest book, ‘The 80 Minute MBA’ (with Richard Reeves) is now available, published by Headline.

John began his career as an academic at the University of Leeds where he undertook his doctoral research, and he retains strong links with leading research centres. He is the Chair of Sound and Music, a Board member of Demos, and a Fellow of the RSA. He lives in Cambridge with his wife and two children and has a consuming passion for all kinds of music.