Translating thoughtful research into actionable policy is a tough challenge that requires innovative and creative thinking. Research findings compete with other diverse inputs for visibility on the policymaker’s radar and different agendas, timeframes and communication styles also create obstacles. Yet the economic and social benefits of innovative and research informed policymaking are immense.

The Policy Institute aims to meet this challenge and acts as a hub, linking insightful research with rapid, relevant policy analysis to stimulate debate, inform and shape policy agendas.

We want to bring excellent research and policymaking closer together and we realise our vision through three mutually reinforcing activities:

Delivering policy analysis – We undertake and oversee robust policy analysis to inform and respond to government and other public and private sector organisations in the UK and internationally. Find out more here.

Building partnerships and networks – We bring people together by building partnerships and networks with individuals and institutions. We engage with a broad network, including academics, journalists, policymakers, civil servants and politicians. Find out more here.

Mobilising policy impact – We mobilise policy impact by communicating in a way that policymakers can engage with easily - to ensure the best available evidence is used in policymaking. Find out more here.


Dr Harriet Boulding

Senior Research Fellow

Professor Mark Kleinman

Professor of Public Policy and Director of Analysis

Alexandra Pollitt

Research Fellow