The Babraham Institute is a world-class research institution, housed at the heart of the Babraham Research Campus, focused upon understanding the biological mechanisms underpinning lifelong health and wellbeing. Our 28 research laboratories are grouped into four programmes: Signalling, Lymphocyte Signalling and Development, Epigenetics and Nuclear Dynamics, funded by four Institute Strategic Programme Grants (ISPGs) awarded by the BBSRC. Additional response mode grant funding from the BBSRC, MRC, Wellcome Trust, other charities, EU and industry supports uplift from these core research programmes.


Dr Simon Andrews

Head of Bioinformatics

Harry Armstrong

phd student

Dr Simon Cook

Interim Director and Head of Signalling Programme

Dr Katy Evans-Roberts

Commercialisation Manager

Professor Wolf Reik

Head, Laboratory of Developmental Genetics and Imprinting