The WRN is a subsidiary of Willis Group, the global insurance and reinsurance broker. When catastrophes occur, Willis aims to ensure that sufficient funds are available to pay the millions of insurance claims from homeowners, businesses and public sector organisations to help those affected rebuild lives and infrastructure. Sometimes we support government natural catastrophe schemes that protect national populations: Turkey, Taiwan, Algeria, and Romania are four examples.In fact Willis arranges protection for around US$5 trillion of exposed risk every year.

The company employs around 20,000 people worldwide and many of them help evaluate risk and analyse ways of sharing it at local and global levels. Our team includes meteorologists, seismologists, hydrologists, engineers, actuaries, statisticians and many other specialists.

Collaborating closely with clients, understanding their business and the challenges they face is core to the work of the WRN. This applies from both an internal risk management and a regulatory view point. By investing in long-term, breakthrough scientific research and advanced technologies, and creating synergies between industry and academia, the WRN is able to tackle these challenges and prepare for future risks.