Bennett Institute Conference 2019: Policy for the future: fairness, equity and democracy

15 April 2019, 9:15am


Bennett Institute Conference 2019
Policy for the future: fairness, equity and democracy

15 April 2019 (9.15am – 7.00pm)

Churchill College, Cambridge

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Keynote: Ben Goldacre, chaired by Michael Blastland

Our 2019 Bennett Conference for Public Policy explores practical ways in which policy can evolve to create a fairer and more equitable future. And how can we do this whilst avoiding some of the seismic democratic disruptions that have shaken the world in recent years?

On this theme our keynote talk will be from Dr Ben Goldacre (University of Oxford), doctor, best-selling author, academic and campaigner. He will be talking with Michael Blastland, author, journalist, and BBC Radio 4 broadcaster, who will chair the keynote.

The conference will highlight some of the work we have launched at the Bennett Institute during the past 12 months. We are delighted to be partnering with the Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP) and Churchill College, with whom we have been exploring the intersection of science and policy.

The sessions include:

  • The Wealth Economy: Social & Natural Capital – introducing our pioneering new project on metrics for sustainable growth and led by Dimitri Zenghelis (lead author, the Stern Review)
  • What kinds of innovation policies and industrial strategy are most likely to sustain spatially inclusive and socially equitable economies?
  • Predicting international political and economic risks - panel organised by the Centre for Science and Policy
  • Who Decides? Tech companies vs the Democratic state – chaired by Professor David Runciman

Speakers include:
Dimitri Zenghelis (University of Cambridge) Matthew Agarwala (University of Cambridge) Dr Yan Zhang (University of Cambridge) Dr Eoin O’Sullivan (University of Cambridge), Dr Penny Mealy (University of Cambridge), Tony Curzon Price (Policy Unit economist, Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy), Seth Thomas (Bank of England), Josh Simons (University of Harvard), Emily Bell (University of Columbia), Sir Richard Leese (Leader of Manchester City Council), Richard Sandford (UCL/Heritage Futures), Professor Sir David King (Former Special Representative for Climate Change, Foreign & Commonwealth Office)

We look forward to welcoming you this year to join the conversation on policy in the age of disruption.
Michael Kenny & Diane Coyle

Full speakers list and final details to be announced soon.
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