The Bennett Institute for Public Policy launched on 16 April 2018. The Institute will be conducting high-level academic and policy research.

In addition to conducting academic and policy research, it is expanding the portfolio of public policy education and training offered at the University of Cambridge. It is based at the department of Politics and International Studies (POLIS) at the University.

CSaP is collaborating with the Bennett Institute and Churchill College on providing professional development opportunities for mid-career to senior academics in science and engineering in particular.


Dr Matthew Agarwala

Research Leader: The Wealth Economy

Dr Lindsay Aqui

Research Associate

Dr Pepita Barlow

Research Associate

Dr Adam Coutts

Affiliated Researcher

Dr Steph Diepeveen

Associate Researcher

Stella Erker

Research Assistant

Mark Fabian

Research Associate

Dr Tanya Filer

Research Leader: Digital State

Sarah Foster

Research Associate

Owen Garling

Knowledge Transfer Facilitator

Sam Gilbert

Affiliated Researcher

Ben Goodair

Former Research Assistant

Dr Nina Jörden

Research Associate

Dr Andrew Klassen

Affiliated Researcher

Dr Davide Luca

Research Associate

Annabel Manley

Research Assistant

Dr Rehema Msulwa

Research Associate

Dr Jack Newman

Research Associate

Philip Rycroft

Distinguished honorary researcher

Jack Sheldon

Research Assistant

Dr Stephen Unger

Research Affiliate

Dr Michaela Valentová

Affiliated Researcher

Dimitri Zenghelis

Senior Associate