How to measure what can’t easily be measured

26 January 2017, 4pm

A CSaP Policy Workshop, organised in partnership with NIHR Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure (NOCRI).

Chaired by Dr Julian Huppert, former MP for Cambridge.

The NIHR is working to shorten the time taken to develop drugs and other therapies, with the aim of reducing the length of the average process by 20 months. As part of this Push the Pace programme, NOCRI is aiming to develop a method for measuring the impact of the time reduction.

In support of this initiative, CSaP is holding a Policy Workshop to brainstorm ideas on metrics and measures for evaluating the effectiveness of interventions in reducing development times. The workshop will draw on academic expertise from a range of disciplines and discuss ideas for future research in this area.

You can read the report of this event here.

Image: 'Rainbow Experiment' by Derek Gavey

Dr Julian Huppert

Jesus College Cambridge

Mark Samuels

British Generic Manufacturers Association