The practical realities of bringing the implications of research to the attention of policy makers

25 January 2012, 4:30pm


This seminar will bring together a small group comprising Whitehall policy makers, current and past scientific advisers to the UK Government, and other members of the CSaP Associate Network with an interest in and experience of research with a bearing on policy. It will consider the practical realities of delivering evidence and advice in such a way as to make an impact on policy development.

The seminar will hear in particular from Rohan Silva, Senior Policy Adviser in Number 10, who has himself offered to act as a channel for ensuring that the policy implications of research generated by the network are communicated appropriately into the UK Government.

The chaired round-table discussions (4:30-6:00) will be followed by an opportunity for further discussion and networking over drinks (6:00-7:15). All discussions will be under the Chatham House Rule. Attendance is by invitation only and is strictly limited.

Speaker: Rohan Silva, Senior Policy Adviser, Prime Minister’s Policy Unit, 10 Downing Street

Chair: David Cleevely, Founding Director, Centre for Science and Policy, University of Cambridge

Rohan Silva

Second Home

Rohan Silva: Case study

Number 10 Policy Unit

Dr David Cleevely

Royal Academy of Engineering

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    How science can influence policy

    There are certain practical realities when it comes to bringing the implications of research to the attention of policy makers. To discuss these and more, the Centre for Science and Policy ran a roundtable meeting of selected individuals from Whitehall and the University of Cambridge on 25 January.