Professor Alan Rodger

at Climate Change: Risk and Resilience

Former Interim Director, British Antarctic Survey

Professor Alan Rodger is the former interim Director of the British Antarctic Survey, an organisation he has worked for since 1972. British Antarctic Survey (BAS) has a long and distinguished history of carrying out research and surveys in the Antarctic and surrounding regions, undertaking most of the British research on the frozen continent. The close linking of their science programmes with essential logistics support makes us very effective in carrying out the complicated and sophisticated scientific field programmes that are necessary today.

As a major research centre of the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), they: provide a national capability for Antarctic science and logistics; carry out scientific research, long-term observations and surveys that cannot be done by anyone else in the UK; provide a focus for international co-operation and programme co-ordination; concentrate on issues fundamental to NERC’s science strategy and conservation of the Antarctic environment.